• Garden 2019-9, photocredits Mikko Sarvanne

Garden, Huuto! -klubi

Huuto! -klubi onsdag 11.3.2020



Three female voices combine with a fragile double bass, a well-rooted cello and percussion instruments that are older than humankind. ’Garden’ creates a space where we like to tarry and spend some time looking round.

GARDEN explores whether an understanding of how small a part we play in the continuum of human generations might make people embrace a way of life where our planet is not considered in the light of the opposing forces of resource exploitation and nature conservation but is seen as one big, flourishing garden.

The music combines contemporary vocal polyphony, jazz improvisation and sound art.

Josefiina Vannesluoma, vocals
Selma Savolainen, vocals
Virva Immonen, vocals
Sirja Nironen, cello
Mikael Saastamoinen, double bass
Jesse Ojajärvi, percussion
Mikko Sarvanne, composer, electronics, guitar

All ensemble members: objects, percussion, vocals

Text: Erkka Filander – Heräämisen valkea myrsky (Poesia, 2013)

Photograph Mikko Sarvanne