• Kirsti Tuokko, Seven cuts
  • Kirsti Tuokko: Modern Scandinavian, 170 X 130, öljy pleksille, 2020
  • Kirsti Tuokko: Oh Dear 3, 170 X 170, öljy pleksille, 2020
  • Kirsti Tuokko: A Couple in Black, 170 X 130, öljy pleksille, 2020
  • Kirsti Tuokko: Replicas, 170 X 170, öljy pleksille, 2020

Kirsti Tuokko

Oh Dear

Huuto II 5.2.-28.2.2021

Kirsti Tuokko
Oh Dear

I paint outfits and posing. I paint the way we present ourselves.
My figures love the changes in fashion and are open to new things. However, the pleasure of consumption is accompanied by guilt.
My figures are from fashion magazines, streets and cafés. Each figure also includes something of myself.

I use oil paints to paint on the back of plexiglass. This allows me to have a shiny surface that matches my theme. The viewer can also use the shiny surface as a mirror. The plexiglass is a mirror for both my figures and the viewers. Someone is posing on both sides.
When I paint, the plexiglass is placed on the table. While working, I don’t take a peek at what it looks like. I literally only have a picture of the work in my head. The paint is my partner whose suggestions and commands I follow. I like the fact that I cannot control everything and I have to rely on chance. I will see the final outcome when I turn the plexiglass over. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise, sometimes I don’t. I can wash the paint off. And start over.

Thank you The Finnish Cultural Foundation for support.