• Rita Jokiranta: Life As It Flees
  • Rita Jokiranta: LIFE AS IT FLEES

Rita Jokiranta

Life As It Flees

Jätkä 2 7.1.-22.1.2017

Rita Jokiranta
Life As It Flees
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 2

Life as It Flees is a video art work comprising a site-specific multi-screen installation that explores the dynamic between image, event and interpretation. The short story The Adventure of a Photographer (L’avventura di un fotografo, 1970) by the Italian writer Italo Calvino has also been used for inspiration. The title of the work is a quotation from the short story and refers to the difficulty to catch the real life in images.

…he too was one of those who pursue life as it flees, a hunter of the unattainable, like the takers of snapshots.
Perhaps true, total photography, he thought, is a pile of fragments of private images…

The work was built like a puzzle. The video may carry a story but it can only be seen as episodic fragments of simultaneously shown different events. The images are transient reflections and momentary observations from the
world in which we are traveling, but they may also represent a state of mind.

The technical solutions of the exhibition are provided by Jorma Saarikko/Pro AV Art Oy.

Rita Jokiranta is a visual artist who mainly works with video, photography and installations, but also with light and sound. Her work has been shown in several solo shows, screening events, film festivals and other contemporary art exhibitions in Finland, Nordic countries and widely elsewhere in Europe.

The production of the art work has been supported by AVEK/Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo.
The artist’s work has been supported by Svenska kulturfonden (2015, 2016) and Cité Internationale des Arts (2014).

More information:
Rita Jokiranta +358 400 722669

* Italo Calvino © Giulio Einaudi editore s.p.a.
Translation William Weaver © Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd 1983

Rita Jokiranta: LIFE AS IT FLEES