• Agnes Domke

Agnes Domke (DE)

Lightning of ice – White sanatorium

Viiskulma 5.1.-16.1.2005

“For the Gallery Huuto I will realize an environment that reflects my experiences in Finland. Five years ago I spent one annual cycle in Helsinki. One half of the year it was snowing, the other half of the year was for recovering from that.

To Helsinki I came in autumn. First everything froze. Snow got up all over and it darkened above us. We drank a lot of glögi and met in warmly heated rooms. We were enclosed by snow and waited, until it is thawing up above. When finally the snow thawed away and all started to become green, it was far too green. The light came always from the side like in an aquarium and we were moving under the water surface like in delirium.

In my exhibition in HUUTO there is to the front, direction south, that aquarium Helsinki was for me in summer and in the back, direction north, that White Sanatorium of Helsinki of mine in winter.”

Artist Agnes Domke lives and works in Berlin, Germany.