• Piiri (Through the Eyes of the Holy Rock), oil on linen, 170 x 140 cm, 2022
  • Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val, Kihottajat - Bystanders, 2021,178 x 220 cm, öljy pellavalle
  • Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val, 'Oh Gosh Here We Go Again', oil on linen, 145 x 170 cm, 2021
  • Raisa Raekallio ja Misha del Val, ‘Veitservasa' öljy pellavalle, 155 x 192 cm, 2022

Misha Del Val, Raisa Raekallio

‘That’s Right, Hold My Hand’ Said the Lumberjack to the Limping Buddha

Huuto II 27.5.-19.6.2022

Raisa Raekallio & Misha Del Val
‘That’s Right, Hold My Hand’ Said the Lumberjack to the Limping Buddha

On Ascension Day 26 May 2022, Huuto is closed.

Philosopher: So, what do you want?
Skier: I don’t remember anyone having asked me that before.
The Clown, the Pilot and the Samurai: We want to be free!
Sunday painter: I assumed I wanted, you know, the typical, liberation, fulfilment, ummm enlightenment… having a bit of fun perhaps.
R&M: We just want to make decent paintings.
Samoyed: I want freedom, tell me what to do.

Philosopher: Good. Now, why don’t you just be still? (Her smile embraced the whole universe)
Cossack: But how do I do that? What do I have to do??
Skier: Maybe I don’t speak for nine years…
Samoyed: I won’t even move!
Old Lady Playing Cards: I’ll hold my breath from now on (getting purple)
Philosopher: Stop that silly-billy. Relax, just let be.
R&M: But we’re afraid, If we’re still, if we let go… We’ll regress to square one. We’ll be a failure all over again!
Soul: Ay a fear of losing myself, of losing my core, of going to pieces, something inhuman, is taking over me…
Philosopher: Let be, my dear. It’s just Life, doing its thing.
Samurai: I try! I try! I try!
Sauron: Come together, let’s hold hands.

For a moment, the company came to a halt. It allowed itself to be afraid, confused, joyful, tired. The scary music just played its part. The surface of the lake became still and transparent.
Philosopher: Ok, good, what do you want now?
Phillip Glass: I don’t… want anything… right now…
The boundaries between beings became bit blurred.
Cossack: Oh cut that bullshit. You need to be strong. if you are not with me, you are against us. Burp!
Clown: They laugh at me but I don’t mind. I have met the face of Christ, I have seen the headless, the deathless, Howl’s Moving Castle, our eyes were inflamed, our hearts pounding like rabbits, I have penetrated the gentle wisdom of trees.
Sunday painter and R&M: The vistas from here are really handsome!

Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val are a Lapland-based artist couple, working together since 2013.

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