• Piiri (Through the Eyes of the Holy Rock), oil on linen, 170 x 140 cm, 2022
  • Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val, Kihottajat - Bystanders, 2021,178 x 220 cm, öljy pellavalle
  • Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val, 'Oh Gosh Here We Go Again', oil on linen, 145 x 170 cm, 2021
  • Raisa Raekallio ja Misha del Val, ‘Veitservasa' öljy pellavalle, 155 x 192 cm, 2022

Misha Del Val, Raisa Raekallio

’That’s Right, Hold My Hand’ Said the Lumberjack to the Limping Buddha

Huuto II 27.5.-19.6.2022

Raisa Raekallio & Misha Del Val
’That’s Right, Hold My Hand’ Said the Lumberjack to the Limping Buddha

Helatorstaina 26.5.2022 Galleria Huuto on suljettu.

Philosopher: So, what do you want?
Skier: I don’t remember anyone having asked me that before.
The Clown, the Pilot and the Samurai: We want to be free!
Sunday painter: I assumed I wanted, you know, the typical, liberation, fulfilment, ummm enlightenment… having a bit of fun perhaps.
R&M: We just want to make decent paintings.
Samoyed: I want freedom, tell me what to do.

Philosopher: Good. Now, why don’t you just be still? (Her smile embraced the whole universe)
Cossack: But how do I do that? What do I have to do??
Skier: Maybe I don’t speak for nine years…
Samoyed: I won’t even move!
Old Lady Playing Cards: I’ll hold my breath from now on (getting purple)
Philosopher: Stop that silly-billy. Relax, just let be.
R&M: But we’re afraid, If we’re still, if we let go… We’ll regress to square one. We’ll be a failure all over again!
Soul: Ay a fear of losing myself, of losing my core, of going to pieces, something inhuman, is taking over me…
Philosopher: Let be, my dear. It’s just Life, doing its thing.
Samurai: I try! I try! I try!
Sauron: Come together, let’s hold hands.

For a moment, the company came to a halt. It allowed itself to be afraid, confused, joyful, tired. The scary music just played its part. The surface of the lake became still and transparent.
Philosopher: Ok, good, what do you want now?
Phillip Glass: I don’t… want anything… right now…
The boundaries between beings became bit blurred.
Cossack: Oh cut that bullshit. You need to be strong. if you are not with me, you are against us. Burp!
Clown: They laugh at me but I don’t mind. I have met the face of Christ, I have seen the headless, the deathless, Howl’s Moving Castle, our eyes were inflamed, our hearts pounding like rabbits, I have penetrated the gentle wisdom of trees.
Sunday painter and R&M: The vistas from here are really handsome!

Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val ovat Lapissa asuva ja työskentelevä taiteilijapari, joka on tehnyt taiteellista yhteistyötä maalauksen, piirustuksen, performanssin ja podcastien parissa vuodesta 2013. Kaksikon työskentely perustuu keskinäiseen luottamukseen, valmistuvan maalauksen sekä toistensa aktiiviseen kuuntelemiseen ja taiteilijoiden jakamaan samankaltaiseen herkkyyteen.

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