Viiskulma 14.7.-1.8.2010

Olle Essvik is an artist based in Gothenburg. He has been exhibited in various countries, of which one can mention The art museum in Reykavik, The Louise T Blouin Institute London, Embassy gallery in Scotland and Pixxelpoint in Slovenia. He is also represented and is part of collections in U.S.A and Scottland. Olle has also taking part of art projects at The Gothenburg Bienalle, the culture festival in Reykavik, the Istanbul bienalle, and Supermarket at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. For more info visit: www.jimpalt.org

In this exhibition Olle has been working with a project as a Swedish explorer in Finland. The exhibition is humoristic and in forms of texts, objects, films and images that he has been collecting while exploring Finland. The projects has been ongoing, on and off for a couple of years. Residencies in Åbo and Helsinki has made it possible for Olle to study Finland closer. The time has now come to show the result of his explores and adventures to the people of Finland.

Olle is interested in the romantic idea of exploring that under earlier decades was surrounded by myths and adventures. What could such a travel be like in 2010? Can a place be unique and unexplored in a world where different levels of communication makes societies develop in the same direction and brings us closer. What is left to explore?