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Ida Pimenoff

Perhaps loneliness does not exist after all

Jätkä 2 7.12.-22.12.2013

Ida Pimenoff
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 2
December 7th– 22nd, 2013

(Gallery is closed on Independence Day 6.12.2013)

Life sometimes makes us face things and events that can be hard to deal with, maybe nearly impossible to accept. We might lose someone we love, or someone might fall ill. There might be some serious accident. Then, sometimes, it is other people who bring us pain: who betray us, tease us, hurt us, leave us.

Through photography I try to study the process of overcoming painful experiences. Is it possible to restore your faith in life after so much has been taken away? Is it possible to trust other people again when someone you love has done you wrong? And, is it possible to build yourself up anew, even from the tiniest little pieces?

Perhaps Loneliness Does Not Exist After All is an exhibition about hope.

Ida Pimenoff was born in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland, where she lives and works today. She studied photography at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki where she received her Master’s degree in 2004. Pimenoff’s works have been shown in several solo exhibitions in Finland and in Germany. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Finland, France and the United States. Perhaps Loneliness Does not Exist After All, published by Kehrer Verlag, is her second monograph.


The exhibition has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden