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Charlotta Östlund

Phonetic exercise

Viiskulma 27.9.-8.10.2006

A frequent theme for me as an artist is concerning reality as a common place. How individual are we experiencing it? To what extend does the reality have to be common in order for us to be
able to communicate and live together? Since I moved from
Sweden to Finland, I have been thinking a lot about the feeling of togetherness and alienation. I’m fascinated by the fact that even a minimal alteration can give birth to the feeling that nothing at all is obvious.

In ”Phonetic exercise” (sound installation) one hears the sounds
of a Bluetit and a human being trying to imitate it. The birds obvious behaviour contrasts with the human beings problems to identify, repeat and interpret the sounds. With this contrast I´m trying to deal with issues in the border between adaptation, self-effacement and growth. The other art works at the exhibition are sculptural and they also are dealing with the same issues.

The questions that I’m interested in are in the end often abstracted. The concrete result of my work is often refering to nature. In my art work I hope there´s a possibility to draw a parallel between similar phenomenon in different contexts. Still, I don´t want the art works necessarily to be seen as allegories.

The exhibition has been supported by Svenska kulturfonden and Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta.

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