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Stoffwechsel – Aineenvaihdunta


Stoffwechsel – Aineenvaihdunta

plan.d. Produzentengalerie was founded in 1998 by graduates of the Düsseldorf Art Academy and other artists. The idea was to create a space for exhibitions that made it possible for artists from different cities and countries to connect and cooperate.

The following artists from Produzentengalerie plan.d., Düsseldorf, are participating:

Peter Clouth, Andrea Isa, Utta Hagen, Aljoscha Gössling, Maria Lentzen, Sonja Tintelnot, Katrin Laade, Christian Psyk, Jyrg Munter, Heike Ludewig, Simone Schroff-Richter


For the upcoming show in Helsinki on August 19th and the exchange with artists from Galleria Huuto plan.d. proposed the project: “Stoffwechsel – Aineenvaihunta”, a topic that the artists pursued and worked on for the exhibition in Galleria Huuto. “Stoffwechsel” has a number of meanings and connotations in German: it can mean metabolism, but also exchange of fabrics or material change. It could also entail -as an artistic approach- processing different thoughts, impressions and ideas into the production of art.

plan.d. has chosen this topic because it allows for enough artistic freedom, creative space and an approach from different angles. It could also encourage a dialogue between the two galleries, because “Stoffwechsel” implies some kind of exchange.

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