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Tuomo Rainio

Possible objects

Pikkujätkä 24.1.-8.2.2015

Tuomo Rainio
Possible objects
24.1. – 8.2.2015
Pikkujätkä, Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Helsinki

First photograph by Nicephore Niepce reminds us about the conflict between the image and the material. The eight hour exposure has lit up the buildings from both sides, and the light literally shines into the shadows. This twisted light deforms the view and makes it even harder to say exactly where does the image end and the ground of the image start.

Since the drawing of the light has to be captured, imprinted in to the material, a plane of glass was covered with bitumen. It was already the people in antiquity who used to collect it. It was surfacing from the bottom of the Dead Sea. Who knows, maybe it was used already in the embalming of the mummies or in the Babylonian terraces – maybe even on the steps to the tower of Babel.

The image needs its ground, its body. Sometimes the figure is vague and the background takes over: when it happens, do we know how to confront that sort of visibility?

As the sea is the original scene of the possible objects, I return to the sea and asked myself: Where do the images come from? Where do they grow, form themselves and from where they appear? In the chaotic mass of particles, where anything can be depicted, anything can happen and sometimes, very seldom the “something” happens and the possible object appears.

It seems that conflict between the image and its material background has to be reformulated in the digital era. The fundamental connection has become loose: for example digital images seem to have very little to do with the screen where they are presented. The screen can receive multiplicity of images, it can present any image – and the same time – a single image can be presented in every screen. Images can come and go, leave their bodies and travel around.

The exhibition is produced with the support of Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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