• Teemu Kangas

Teemu Kangas


Uudenmaankatu 14.2.-25.2.2007

Teemu Kangas
Rasa – paintings
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Loosely defining Rasa is a Sanskrit world for certain emotions that a work of art produces in it’s viewer. Rasa is an aesthetic theory developed in India in the beginning of western chronology. It is emotive aesthetics which resides not in the artist or the objects produced by him, but in the viewer.

The basis of my work lies in the symbiosis of western abstract art and the traditional Asian arts .I aim to make works of art which invite the viewers imagination to make their own interpretations of what is seen. Hopefully the paintings will lead to some kind of relaxed being or meditation. I believe that a work of art can still shape peoples view of the world and reality.

I would like to thank The Pirkanmaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation for it’s support.

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Teemu Kangas, 0407175301,firsname.lastname(at)tehdasry.fi, www.tehdasry.fi/jasenet/teemu.htm