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Dominik Wlodarek


Viiskulma 29.10.-9.11.2008

Heijastuksia / Reflections exhibition in Galleria Huuto Viiskulma is a review of my recent works from the Heijastuksia / Reflections series of carborundum / dry point prints.

The first works from this series were made in December 2005 as a site-specific printmaking installation. The main inspiration for my prints is the city landscape.

I like to show in a bit different way some parts of the city, which people are passing everyday without even noticing…

The prints are based on the mirror images of the real landscape. All the elements are on the image, but reflected, so some viewers can recognize the places but the reflection causes also some kind of confusion. A reflected image gives an impression of the place in sort of magical and abstract way. It is also strongly connected to the tradition of printmaking, where the printmakers have to prepare the plates as a mirror in order to get them printed according to reality.

Dominik Wlodarek

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