• Tenhola ja Kontio
  • Antti Jussila, Maalaus
  • Samuli Kontio,
  • Samuli Kontio,
  • Samuli Kontio
  • Teemu Raudaskoski, maalaus
  • Uula Kontio,


Viiskulma 1.3.-12.3.2006


Tenhola is Antti Jussila and Teemu Raudaskoski’s artist collective of two. The artists are connected not only by childhoods in Bothnia, but also by numerous projects ranging from painting to music, wandering the middle ground between high and low. Good art is one thing today, the other tomorrow: a turncoat’s trick.

Installation: paintings, drawings and a fresco.

Surface, not depth.
When a phone-sex ad boasts “lasti lentää takuulla” (translates loosely as “guaranteed to release your load”), there is no room left
for uncertainty. It’s all about a very direct, nearly commanding promise, that yet isn’t quite the same thing as the real deal. In any
case the essential is on the surface, and what happens as we gaze deeper is indebted to the exterior. What is promised, what is shown; if only it would move something inside me.

What is the power and position of a single image? How much can space endure, or the mind of the experiencer? What do we bring out from the colourful mosaic? Important pauses, silence; they do not exist, or have been driven too far into a corner. Can a flow of
images, constant stimulation, form into serenity?


Uula Kontio

My relationship with image, sound, and the creation thereof has lately been mainly recreational. While we mostly improvise what we play (with Ehtivä Läski), I have not composed a single image in a long time. My contribution to the exhibition will be photographs of people and some selected EL sessions from the course of the past year.

Samuli Kontio

In the Huuto Gallery exhibition I have recycled two symbols I found into my works.

Contact information:
Antti Jussila | 050 5305700 | antti(at)tenhola.org
Samuli Kontio | 040 7058363 | samulihaha(at)gmail.com