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Tero E.K. Simonen


Viiskulma 25.7.-5.8.2007

More important than the table itself is the emptiness surrounding it – The all-dimensionality of art

The paradox of a paradox is a paradox– A spectacle that is not a spectacle –

I’m a sculptor and a transformer. Universal energy is my material and art, which is universal energy too, is my means. Expanding consciousness, as well as aiming at it, has always been a part of my artistic intentions. With consciousness, in addition to human consciousness, I mean the consciousness of the cosmos – they are but one. My works attempt to captivate people from their commonplace conventions into where the personal disappears. For me, the most interesting thing – rather than creating objective and decentralized objects – is finding and realizing people’s inner spaces. In practice, this means that I act according to the situation, using materials and art genres required by each situation. Thus, everything is open – be it cotton, stone or the immaterial.

The common idea, often accepted as a truth, that nothing can be achieved by formal means since everything in contemporary art has already been done, is a mistake. We are so greatly under the influence of formal powers that we hardly notice it. Formal matters affect us all the time. For those claiming that it’s impossible to achieve anything by formal means, I’d like to say that either they don’t happen to be aware of all the possibilities, or that they are conditioned into expecting effects that are much too one-sided.

I might even say my exhibition is based on formal means – whatever is being meant with that. I am sometimes asked who the artists are who have affected my artistic work. I immediately consider this a wrong kind of a question since the answer is not a person but nature. Answering a single artist or a couple of them would be lying, or, if not lying, at least be
underestimating many others. Even if I would name some people with an important effect, nature would be a more correct answer. The ones who have
affected me are a part of nature and, in turn, have got their effects from nature – in spite of them probably not seeing it this way. However, I’m grateful to those I’ve learnt from, and to them I want to address my proper thanks.

more information: trosimoen@hotmail.com