• Peder Jansson



Viiskulma 10.3.-21.3.2004

The Bias Series is a photo and audio exhibition on the theme of visual and auditory divergences and distortions.

A lot of times, it is hard to tell exactly what it is in an image that makes one think it is not genuine. It is almost just as hard to point out the element in an image that reveals its actual nature. If something seems to have a dubious character in an image, “one usually feels so instinctively”, that it is just the way it is. The reason for we, in many cases, cannot tell what it is in an image that “doesnπt cling”, is most often due to our insufficient apprehension capacity. A photograph of a space with somewhat erroneous proportions will probably cast suspicion upon for being a manipulated photograph in some way. However, sometimes it is not always like that. There are, for instance, many architects that have experimented with the form possibilities of the architectonic space, as well as there are many photographers that are unwilling to edit their images digitally.

Within audio art, the development regarding distorted sounds and timbres has progressed much further than within visual art. But is there, for instance, anything like, seen in a physical way, “negative” sound, and if that is the case, is it apprehensible? The audio work, Neumes is a suggestion on how sound may appear when it is turned inside out.

The photographs in the exhibition have been shot with a Mamiya 645. None of the images have been edited digitally or been processed in any other way. The audio works have both been edited digitally.

Sven-Olov Wallenstein (Editor-in-Chief of Site Magazine, Stockholm) contributes with a brief essay on the exhibition concept.

Thanks to: Anne-Louise Bosmans, Sven-Olov Wallenstein (www.sitemagazine.net), Erik Nilausen at Olgas Lyst, Copenhagen (www.olgaslyst.dk), Kaarina Ormio, all at Galleria Huuto, Sleipnir/NIFCA (www.nifca.org), Staffans Bilder (www.staffansbilder.se) and ImageLab (www.imagelab.se).

In the opening Eero Ijavoinens performance “The flight of the white eagle” – Pseudoshamanistic phenomenas in our culture