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Emma Ainala


Jätkä 1 14.2.-2.3.2014

THE RESTLESS (Paintings)
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 1
14 February – 2 March 2014

Life is hard.

It feels so difficult to be in my body. It also feels excruciatingly boring and frustrating. I can’t get a hold of anything or enough attention from you. The only thing I get is the question “What are you thinking?”
Nothing, of course. There are only disconnected loops spinning in my head. It’s like there’s a clever idea or a great insight floating around in there, but for some reason I missed it. It doesn’t develop into words. Why am I not able to find the thread or the certainty about what I am doing and whether it makes sense? I can’t stand myself. I just want to bury myself underground.

Emma, what are your works about?

Nothing, they are paintings. Or they could, for example, depict what it’s like to wallow in self-pity with PMS symptoms when you are such a bottomless pit and too immature to love because nothing is ever enough for you. Or maybe they are not about that at all. Maybe they are about my longing for a specific moment in time or the fact that when I paint, I become naively happy about how “the paint imitates nature or is actually like it”. I really do get excited about something like that almost every day. LOL. I really don’t know what the POINT of spreading paint on the canvas and getting excited about some “feelings” is all about, making inexplicable visions visible, combining fake levitation pictures found on the Internet with a romantic landscape, but I can’t help myself. If I did not paint the way I do, I could not handle this chaos. I would miss all the beauty. Painting is quite difficult, but life is a lot more difficult. I’m doing ok at the moment as last autumn was more about painting and less about life.

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