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Ina Jaakkola


Pikkujätkä 2.1.-17.1.2016

Ina Jaakkola
2.1.2016 – 17.1.2016
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Pikkujätkä

Mystic world reveals itself under the surface

In the exhibition at Galleria Huuto I am presenting two divergent videos. However they link to
each other by the notion that under the surface there are mystic and deep currents.

Flowers –video is a subjective and erotic experience of the spring. Camera dives deep into
the private blossoming realm. Everything formal and mundane disappears. The everyday
sounds sink into the background. Flowers are a depiction of sensitive person’s perception of
beauty and what might lie behind it.

Unavoidable –video is based on the notion that in the end one needs to let go of everything.
In the video I am depicting the process that reoccurs in everyone’s life; we come face to face
with inevitable problems and losses, they confuse us, we battle against them and in the end
all we can do is to accept. The greatest loss that you can encounter, is the loss of your own
life. In Unavoidable the tree, black maple, represents a growing obstacle, approaching death,
on a person’s life path. The end of the video portrays the same scene as in medieval La
Danse Macabre, the dance of death.

Ina Jaakkola
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