• Nina-Maria Oförsagd: Unsang address, Seine, Paris

Nina-Maria Oförsagd

Unsang address, Seine, Paris

Pikkujätkä 3.12.-18.12.2016

Nina-Maria Oförsagd
Unsang address, Seine, Paris
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Pikkujätkä

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari is open on Independence Day 6th December.

Special screening and live music evening City Mirage on Saturday 17.12. at 6pm, welcome!

Unsang address, Seine, Paris – is a fictional cross-artistic documentary. It is a two-channel video work, where two different stories are played simultaneously, about a place and its historical layers as information and inspiration for the artist.

Between the riverbanks of Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Levallois-Perret and Courbevoie, is the island Ille de la Grand Jatte, as seen from above resembles an eye. On the island Claude Monet painted Le printemps à travers les branches (1878). When you walk along the riverbanks, you can manage to experience the feeling found in Monet’s paintings, while he was traveling in his houseboat. In gray contrast to the green banks and willow trees, piles up the area of Le Defénse, that started to be built in 1958, where Jean-Luc Godard filmed his futuristic feature film Alphaville (1965).

Autumn pulls away the summer drapes of the green riverbanks in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, where you still can try to grasp the feeling in Monet’s painting. The fall and winter highlights the futuristic area of Le Defénce on the other side of the river. The trees turning from impressionistic colour palette to brown uncovers behind them a towering silhouette of scrapers. Behind the facades, among and between the building blocks, one can lose himself in Godard’s world and imagery – in his futuristic spirit that was built on the architectural ideals of the area that influenced him – in time and space.

On the soundtrack, recorded in Robert de Godzinsky’s studio, improvisation together in one take, by improvisation pianist PerViktor Hjalmarsson (SE), played seeing only video channel of “Monet” and jazz bassist Ilkka Hanski (FI), played seeing only video channel of “Godard” and vocal, poetry by writer Sara Rönnqvist (FI), read seeing both video channels.

16:9, HD, 20min, stereo surround, 2016
Direction-Camera-Sound-Editing, Nina-Maria Oförsagd
Piano PerViktor Hjalmarsson, Base Ilkka Hanski, Poetry and Vocal Sara Rönnqvist
Musical Sound Recording, Robert de Godzinsky

Thank you, Grönqvistska stiftelsen, Svenska kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet

+358407151170, nm(at)oforsagd.com