• Heidi Naumanen: Ekosysteemi
  • Heidi Naumanen: Taivaan ja oksien yhteensovittelua, osa Polaroidit ilman kameraa - sarjaa, 10,2 x 8,7 cm, keramiikka ja lasite, 2023
  • Heidi Naumanen: Huolenpitoa, osa Polaroidit ilman kameraa -sarjaa, 10,2 x 8,7 cm, keramiikka ja lasite, 2023

Heidi Naumanen

Primary Light

Huuto I 31.8.-24.9.2023

Heidi Naumanen
Primary Light
31 August–24 September 2023

The artist is present 16th to 17th of September at 12-18.

The morning sun shines into the fisherman’s cottage as a thin thread of light through two boards covering the small window. Gently filtering through the stains on the window, the thread of light comes from all directions of time and falls into the cottage. Inside the cottage, the surface sensitive to light receives the image that comes with the light. The image is the wrong way around because directions do not matter. The image slowly appearing on the surface is exposed again and again. There is a life that must be lived from the beginning to the very end. The recipient of light must be dipped into a pond, sea and lake. One must let it feel the breeze, protect it from a biting wind and let it stand together with warm fragrant air. It must experience warmth and coldness. It must go to places, be in these places the way it is. This allows one to develop a version that is the right way around, an image that is visible to others.

With the help of themes related to birds, nests, eggs and light, the exhibition explores intersectionality, the position of individuals in society and the way in which generations affect each other over time.

The exhibition features paintings and ceramics that include elements of playfulness and illusions. The works were mainly created between 2022 and 2023, but there are also some older works. The theme has been developed through several solo exhibitions: “Birthplace” at Galleria Becker in Jyväskylä and “Ecosystem” at Galerie Pleiku in Berlin. They were both on display in 2022. “Primary Light” is the third part of the trilogy.

Heidi Naumanen (b. 1984, Taivalkoski) is a Helsinki-based artist. At the moment, she mainly works with paintings and ceramics. She graduated from the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in 2009 and will start studies at the Aalto University Department of Design this autumn.


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