• Marloes van Son
  • Saara Kanerva Tamminen
  • Erik Parr

Erik Parr, Marloes van Son, Saara Kanerva Tamminen


Pikkujätkä 14.11-29.11.2015

Saara Kanerva Tamminen, Marloes van Son and Erik Parr
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Pikkujätkä

Abiogenesis refers to the emergence of order from disorder and life from the inanimate. In life order gains momentum: knowledge replaces the unknown, the factual replaces belief and technology replaces magic. The artists in the exhibition present meditations on our technological age that forms a dialogue about how the definition of knowledge occurs in different contexts. In its performative, spatial and visual works, Abiogenesis examines a world that exists somewhere between scientific explanation and subjective interpretation.

Terraforms by Erik Parr proposes an abstract topology and attempts to recreate processes found in nature. Using fire, alchemy and industrial robotics, the chaotic event of a fire is harnessed to create a simulated landscape. Terraforms is created by unique traces that are unrepeatable and irreversible, despite all attempts to control it. 

FILTER is an installation by Marloes van Son. It refers to flexible barriers, where some things can pass and others can not. The installation focuses on the right to cross these borders, by inviting people to explore the system behind the installation. FILTER controls water, sand and air to create alternating moments of light and darkness, sound and silence.

≟ are series of performative lectures held by Saara Kanerva Tamminen, dealing with ambivalent relationships toward scientific terminology and readings. The lectures investigate the history of Western science in critical and imaginative ways: witchcraft, men with beards and inexplicable nature phenomena will be presented!


MAGICK Friday 13.11. @ 6 PM (opening)
KHAOS Saturday 21.11. @ 4 PM
KOSMOS Saturday 28.11. @ 4 PM