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Jussi Meuronen

Ambiguous events and spaces

Jätkä 1 13.7.-28.7.2013

Ambiguous events and spaces
Jussi Meuronen
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari 1
13-28 July 2013

My works always include a depiction of some kind of event. Esthetics plays an important role in my works. I approach the creation of an emotion and atmosphere by means of painting. An essential part of my works is also to create contrast and interaction between a marker and acrylic paint as well as strong lines, colors and shapes. The graphic look and the aspect of painting, space and movement are at the core of my paintings. While the graphic elements are more planned, painting is an instinctive and more physical activity. I believe that a line is an effective shape and expressive in all its simplicity. I see my works as depictions of real events, but their abstract nature creates obscurity or ambiguity.

Each stroke and shape has a meaning within the work. The lines drawn with a marker break the painting down, creating a new space and dimension, sharp and moving. Lines and three-dimensional strokes may depict something concrete, but they may also depict what is going on in one’s mind.