• Anna Reivilä: Bond #39, 2019
  • Anna Reivilä: Bond #43
  • Anna Reivilä: Bond #36

Anna Reivilä


Huuto I 29.4.-22.5.2022

Anna Reivilä

The main themes of Anna Reivilä’s Metaphysics exhibition are exploring the nature of reality and perceiving a person’s self-image through a landscape. In the works, the focus shifts from humans to things that survive beyond our lifecycle – rocks, ice and trees. Ropes outline the shapes of the objects while exploring the boundaries of humanity.

The black and white photographs depict tied-up natural elements such as trees and rocks in a landscape. Using ropes as lines is the artist’s way of drawing the shapes and rhythm of vari-ous elements. The ropes highlight interactions and connections between elements and create re-interpretations of the landscape. These three-dimensional drawings are physically unsta-ble; humidity loosens the ropes. Roping only exists for a moment, a photograph will capture the process and thus become part of the work.

Anna Reivilä earned a Master of Arts degree from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her works have been on display at various exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. She lives and works in Porvoo.

Thank you Arts Promotion Centre Finland for supporting the exhibition.

Contact details
Email: anna.reivila(a)gmail.com
Webpage: www.annareivila.com
Instagram: anna.reivila