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Outi Koivisto


Jätkä 1 7.3.2015-22.3.2015

Outi Koivisto
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 1

The word appearance has many meanings including look, presence, arrival and emergence.

Outi Koivisto’s works explore the experience of observing. The works refer to observations, but they are not from defined places even though they are often based on a certain place or image. Just like dreams often leave no image in your mind but rather an atmosphere that may follow you all day until your next dream. Printing woodcut marks with ink and rubbing surfaces with a pencil adds randomness to the process. The works are, however, only seemingly uncontrolled. The unpredictability of ink is combined with more deliberate wood carving that requires slowness and care.

The works do not depict an observation of an internal world, the subconscious, landscapes or the artist’s feelings, and yet they are all those things. The works have been formed as the artist’s thoughts, actions and desires have become intertwined during the process, creating a mark on the surface. The marks create a new place that carries the history of the previous marks. Appearance is not attached to a body, gesture or sign but rather somewhere in between.

Koivisto works with various printmaking and drawing methods. The works included in this exhibition are mainly variations of woodcut and frottage techniques. Her works have been previously on display at the Hyvinkää Art Museum as part of the Miniprint 2014 exhibition held in the spring of 2014. She has also created temporary artworks in urban spaces, including the Seeing Hand and Thinking Eye project in Kalasatama, Helsinki in the summer of 2014.

Further information:
Outi Koivisto
tel. +358 40 828 4232