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  • 3 Moments
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Kasper Muttonen


Uudenmaankatu 25.1.-12.2.2012

Kasper Muttonen
Building a Moment
25.1. – 12.2.2012
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The exhibition explores and builds thoughts of a moment or different moments in a built environment. The landscapes are either imaginary or created images. The thought of a particular moment becomes a thought of eternity and an illusion of its permanence.

The thought of nocturnal facades and windows with their glowing lights, raindrops on a window and momentary spectra are related to the thought of weather. Weather is a concept that we use to define an experience and nature of a moment and the world. Weather is different in a city than what it is in a forest, even though the phenomena are partly the same. Rain in a big city comes with a glow of light and turns the asphalt into a black mirror with reflections of light. The glowing buildings can create a sense of security in the dark or make a person feel like an outsider.

Holes, shadows, a silver surface and spectral patterns form a built landscape. The momentary elements of different layers build an image of eternity.

Three tinted windows create a landscape of three different moments. The windows color the light that mixes with the colors of the base pattern. The third element is the pattern formed by the bright light. Artificial light mixes with “real” light and the painted surface. A landscape can be combined with the imagery of a city’s neon lights, artificial light or reflections on different surfaces. In close-up the surface of an advertisement screen becomes a network of pixels and colored light without superficial information.

The enlarged pixels found inside digital images form architectural repetition, creating an illusion of nocturnal facades. Perhaps they create a dream similar to the model pictures of future buildings, where the digital image is often different from the actual building.

Snow and sand castles represent momentary monuments. The signs of a moment become eternal when cast in concrete. The emerging sand forms a reference to natural moments in a landscape, such as melted snow or the changing shapes of sand.

A model of a building mixes the architecture of colors with the vision of a space. The idea was to create a space spectrum or a changing painting in the form of a building. The geometry of the space and the colored lines inside the windows turn the space into a geometric game or capture the light of different artificial moments.

A lens of water drops on the screen inspires the painting. A small failure forms an amazing landscape that has only been created in the digital era.

Thank you: Finnish Cultural Foundation