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Elissa Eriksson


Uudenmaankatu 22.10.-9.11.2014

Elissa Eriksson
Creative Shopping
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
22 October – 9 November

Open hours Tue-Sun 12-5pm.
Also on All Saints Day 1.11.2014 Huuto galleries are open at 12-5 pm.
Open on Gallery Wednesday 5.11.2014 at 12-9 pm.

If we already have enough of everything, why do we keep buying more? Has shopping become a way to express ourselves? Does the culture of consumption direct our creativity to shopping?

“The project started from playing with words. I often twist words and sayings in my head. I don’t exactly remember when I first came up with the phrase ‘creative shopping’, but there was something fascinating about it. The combination of these two words was somehow so random and ridiculous, but it still sounded like something that you could see in an advertisement.

I was playing with the idea of using the phrase as the title of my exhibition and that’s when I realized that it actually describes our current culture of consumption rather well. We don’t really need more stuff, which is why we mainly buy things to express ourselves, not because we need them. I came to the conclusion that the Creative Shopping exhibition really needs to become a reality. The works built using receipts and shopping baskets highlight the theme by exaggerating the situation: This kind of art would be created if shopping really was the only way to be creative.”

Creative Shopping is Eriksson’s first solo exhibition. Many of her previous projects, including I want to see something else and This is my city after all, took place in an urban environment and commented on the laws of an urban space.

The exhibition has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and it was also included in Mesenaatti.me‘s Crowdfunding Program for Art.

Elissa Eriksson
 +358 40 516 9943