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Susanna Vuorio

Employee Needed at Bottle Return Point

Jätkä 2 15.11.-30.11.2014

Susanna Vuorio
“Employee Needed at Bottle Return Point” – Paintings and an Installation
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari
15 – 30 November 2014

I paint people. My works show people at a grocery store, at home, at work, at a hospital and on the street. The way I work is through improvisation on the canvas. It is like a stream of consciousness that allows me to deal with a life-based situation honestly. Even though my paintings come from my head and I don’t have a model or image, my works are not fantasy. Often a simplified situation or reference keeps the themes connected to reality.

The people in my paintings do not hide or turn their backs. Instead, they often look at the viewer without covering up. Afterwards I may notice that the themes are actually situations that I have experienced or seen myself.

I began depicting everyday situations when I was a student at the Free Art School in 2005 and I made pieces entitled “6:25 am, dishwashing” and “Do you have a bonus card?” I am not a theorist and I am not able to assess my pictures. However, I strongly believe that honest physical painting allows one to show something directly that cannot be shown using other methods. My work continues.

My installation also deals with the same theme, exploring how a system makes people wait for their turn.

Exhibition has been supported by: Eurosec Oy (devices for installation)

Further information:
Susanna Vuorio
Tel. +358 41 517 7556
Email: susannavuorio(a)gmail.com