• Explorations from A to Z / The Space in Between
  • Play the pearls / Inside a Box     Mixed media on paper 29 x 42 cm. Trine Pedersen & Tero Kontinen 2010
  • Jungle occupation / Forest sleep    Mixed media on paper 21 x 29,5 cm. Trine Pedersen & Tero Kontinen 2008-2009
  • Let the sunshine in please.. where is Hancock by the way? / In your eyes    Mixed media on paper 21 x 29,5 cm. Trine Pedersen & Tero Kontinen 2008-2009


Explorations from A to Z / The Space in Between

Viiskulma 11.5-29.5.2011

Paintings, drawings, collaborative drawings

For the past couple of years we have been drawing intensively together, usually through correspondence. Working together provides a playground and visual discussion where we both have the freedom to add and change various elements. Pictures are created layer by layer, often during a certain period of time. We don’t usually have a specific theme or subject – at least not in the beginning. Pictures are ready once we both accept them. We always give our works a double title because we both have our own interpretation of each work. Drawing a picture together with someone else provides new dimensions and opportunities. When working this way, we live in a parallel universe that resembles a science fiction story or an expedition to unknown territories where everything is interesting. We have both found this cooperation to be a natural extension of our own artistic work. This is our first mutual exhibition and it also includes our own individual works.

Trine Pedersen

Painting plays a key role in my works. I’m fascinated by its versatility and my aim is to constantly expand my works in many different directions. My works are two- or three-dimensional.

Creating different surfaces, a feeling of space and working with a composition, color, shape or contrast is important to me.

The abstract expression that my art represents emerges from both conscious and unconscious elements of my everyday life. I use the elements to create a fictitious reality, a journey in time or through space that represents both the past and the future.

Trine Pedersen is a Danish artist. She has studied at Funen Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark as well as at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

Tero Kontinen

I see the surface of a drawing or a painting as a space where I begin to compile fragments that may come from experienced scenery or that may be borrowed from another source. A picture consists of observations and memories, forming overlapping networks. Different kinds of juxtapositions fascinate me; how a certain element appears in different contexts. One motif can have a double meaning, an abstract element may seem concrete and a concrete element abstract.

Tero Kontinen is a Finnish artist. He has studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

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The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Finland.