• Ruokasali, tussi ja öljy levylle kiinnitetylle paperille, 165cm x 125cm, 2014-2015
  • Galleria merellä, tussi, öljy ja akryyli levylle, 122cm x 140cm, 2014-2015
  • Retki, tussi, öljy ja akryyli levylle kiinnitetylle paperille, 105 cm x 105 cm, 2014-2015
  • Koti kolossa, tussi, öljy ja akryyli levylle kiinnitetylle paperille, 31cm x 35cm, 2014
  • Teltta, 2015

Satu Rautiainen

Gallery at Sea

Uudenmaankatu 11.2.-1.3.2015

Satu Rautiainen
Gallery at Sea
11.2. – 1.3.2015

The micro and macro-worlds of my paintings depict societies as well as the survival and growth of the individuals living in them. The built environment and nature refer to the balancing and power struggle between and coexistence of an individual and society as well as humankind and nature. Nature is also a metaphor for the subconscious that may unexpectedly take over the human mind.

I began working on the Gallery at Sea exhibition by exploring the Galleria Huuto space on Uudenmaankatu. My paintings often include a limited space, such as a terrarium, that the viewer can look at from the outside. I saw the Uudenmaankatu gallery space as a terrarium with windows opening to another world or vice versa. As the proportions change from small to large and back to small, the viewer can become part of the painting.

The paintings have been painted on papers that have been attached to boards. Painting on paper using water-based paints is a new technique for me. I begin with water-based paints, such as ink, after which I isolate the layer of paint with glue and then continue painting with oil paints. In addition to using a brush I spread paint on the surface, for example, by pressing it on with paper and by spraying. The paintings have been completed during 2014 and 2015.

Just like with my earlier paintings, I have again thought about history and natural phenomena like the Ice Age, ancient kingdoms and colonial power while working on these paintings. The story of humankind occasionally seems unreal but it has still continued to this day. The narrative motifs in my paintings draw their inspiration from the imagery of history and the present, including some of the photographs I have taken. Ultimately the exhibition is an adventure story towards finding peace of mind, living with fears and emotions and being satisfied in this time of abundance.

I wish to thank the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Finnish Art Society for their support.

Satu Rautiainen (b. 1982) is an artist who lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated from the Department of Painting at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 and every year since then she has had solo exhibitions and taken part in group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In addition to her personal work, she is involved in the activities of the artist-run Galleria Huuto as well as in the Unikuvia project with other artists. Her works are also currently on display as part of the Sirkus Pinnala exhibition at the Rauma Art Museum (until 1 March 2015).

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