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Anna Leppä

Generation Ö

Jätkä 1 7.1.-22.1.2017

Anna Leppä
Sukupolvi Ö
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 1

The year 2016 has been record warm and climate change is advancing more rapidly than researchers have predicted. This is a critical time. The global temperature increase caused by humans is
taking our planet towards the sixth wave of mass extinction at a rapid pace. The flow of refugees and the dwindling of natural resources due to climate change will cause unprecedented problems and make the global political situation even more uncertain.

We know all this and yet we continue living our lives the way we always have – in a state of denial. And future generations will ask us why. Why did you not do anything?

This question haunts me. Generation Ö goes everywhere with me as a silent group. I feel their stare on my skin. It makes everything at this moment seem meaningless and sadly beautiful. New technological devices, traveling, constant economic growth, even occasionally art which has always given a meaning to my life, seem unnecessary and insane.

These paintings depict this generation Ö. I am attempting to expand the experience of empathy to future generations. To meet their eyes and also face our own acts. To examine our current choices from a future perspective.

“The ecological crisis can be traced to a more general crisis of the social, political and existential. The problem involves a type of revolution of mentalities whereby they cease investing in a certain kind of development, based on a productivism that has lost all human finality.”
-Félix Guattari, Chaosmosis

I hope that art could be on the front line in this mindset revolution as an important element.

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