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Henrik Pathirane

Musca, depicta

Huuto II 18.7.-11.8.2024

Henrik Pathirane
Musca, depicta
18 July–11 August 2024

I wonder if the most valuable aspect of an art experience is actually the way the forms of thoughts move and the itch it creates.* I have also been thinking about:

(1) Materials that become important and others that go unnoticed. Paper and its materiality. The post-paper era. The exhibition is inspired by the history of art, old technology and mechanics, an office-like exhibition space, industrial environments, shopping centers and construction sites as part of urban history and life. The exhibition is inspired by the criticism of commercial and naive forms of nostalgia.

(2) Illusory art requires that the viewer is willing to participate in the creation of the illusion. The architectural illusionism of ceiling and wall paintings requires one to move around in the room and find the right viewing spots. Even small trompe l’oeil paintings that at first glance create a perfect illusion force one to forget that what they are looking at is “only” a painting if they want the illusion to last longer.

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(4) The exhibition was born out of a desire to pursue an experience of a miracle and wonder that cannot be negated by a specific insight. Tingling, the vibration of meaning and anticipation of relationships. Forms that activate each other. What we have learned from the cliffhangers of still life paintings: works are always in the process of becoming works, exhibitions are always taking shape. They are permanently incomplete, developing as they are observed.

* Large circles: Could those who have applied Kant’s ideas to art actually be on the right track?

The “Musca, depicta” exhibition is part of Pathirane’s series of books and exhibitions dealing with perception and related disturbances. The items on display include an overhead projector, metal pipes and storage shelves, handmade paper, text, typewriter art and a photograph of a sketch.

Henrik Pathirane works with conceptual art, text-based visual art, poetry and hybrid texts. He had his previous solo exhibition at the Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery in 2023. Pathirane is a doctoral researcher in aesthetics and carries out experimental publishing activities under the name Humahdus. Pathirane’s artistic work is supported by the Kone Foundation from 2024 to 2026.

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