• Sound Landscape I - Digital image on photographic paper 125 cm x 78 cm, 2016
  • Hurts - Digital image on photographic paper 40 cm x 60 cm, 2016
  • Fur Umbrella Open –  Rabbit fur and wooden frame 70 cm x 90 cm, 2013
  • 3 Bells – Annunciation / Christ The King / Sacred Heart – Cast bronze 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm  each approx. 2016
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  • At Fiona's opening
  • 4 O'Clock TEAS 10.9. at Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari

Fiona O’Dwyer
I Went Up the Mountain With Someone Else’s Story and Came Down With My Own
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Pikkujätkä

Fiona O’Dwyer’s exhibition I Went Up the Mountain With Someone Else’s Story and Came Down With My Own centers around the idea and reality of Human Movement: taking as a starting point, her connection to her family’s migration and displacement in 1950’s Ireland. Her ideas are articulated through the works’ performative nature, its relation to place and time, and its materiality. The exhibition is comprised of sculpture, video installation, drawing and photo works. The subject matter and imagery are very much rooted in a visual and sound language of an Irish landscape and the work possesses a musicality and an experiential poetic nature.

The materials and processes I use are always of precise importance. It has become ever clearer that the materials and process I return to come from my father. In these works I use berries, bronze, fur, tea, and performance, singing, drawing, collecting. The hurts and rabbit fur are for me materials of nourishment and necessity, the ritual of tea, speaks of settling and reflection.
These are slow works in their drawing out and what is extracted, through process, from the layers of memory is something new but still with trace. This tracing seems to stretch further than me in all directions, further than my time or experience, further than my knowing or narrative relayed. So in turn this new is meaning to be contemplated rather than defined. It is an ever changing thing depending on where you (or I) are standing. This idea is contained in the making with the action of looking and listening from three shifting points on a landscape becoming a defining one. What comes through as a result are echoes of a distant space in time, transposed from real points on a landscape in which a narrative or sound once existed and was played out.
What has become evident however is that I forgot the future and so it goes on.

O’Dwyer, 2016

Fiona O’Dwyer with fellow Outrider Artist Maria Kerin will also host a 4 O’Clock TEAS on Sat 10.9.2016 at 4 00 pm re-appropriating tea drinking as a site for discourse with invited Irish, Estonian and Finnish curators and artists. The Irish Ambassador Colm Ó Floinn will be present.

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