• Galleri 54, Artists Run Artists
  • Ilona Huss Walin: The most effective is to not do so much and let the forest develop itself
  • Benedikte Esperi
  • Emma Ströde: Rötter
  • Fröydi Laszlo
  • Karl Bergström
  • Ilona Huss Walin: Grenvapen

Benedikte Esperi, Denis Romanovski, Emma Ströde, Fröydi Laszlo, Ilona Huss Walin, Karl Bergström

Artists Run Artists

Huuto II 6.3.-18.6.2020

Karl Bergström, Benedikte Esperi, Emma Ströde, Fröydi Laszlo, Denis Romanovski, Ilona Huss Walin
Artists Run Artists
6.–15.3. and 2.-18.6.2020

Friday the 6th of March at 15.30-17 artist talk, welcome! We talk about artist run spaces in Sweden and Finland.

In the show Artist Run Artists; board members of Gallery 54 in Gothenburg Sweden, show work at Galleria Huuto in Helsinki. Galleria Huuto board will in turn make a show at Gallery 54 in May-April 2020. Two artist run spaces in different cities and countries entangled, connected and subjected to the famous “spooky movement at a distance” proposed to not exist according to Albert Einstein.

Artist-run space entanglement is a label for the observed cultural phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of artists are invited, to interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the artist-run show of each artist of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the show of the others, even when the artists are separated by a large distance. (From a Wikipedia article about quantum entanglement, but the words physical, particle and quantum are replaced with cultural, artist and artist-run space show).

Benedikte Esperi is a choreographer, performance and video artist. Her works range from solo, co-productions and community art within the genre of performance/live art, installations, dance for screen and choreography.
Esperis contribution at Galleria Huuto is a performance during the vernissage and a site-specific produced video installation, both titled: “inverted lies – the true story”.

Denis Romanovski, artist and organiser, has been running and producing numerous international and local art events, festivals and exchange projects. His art practice broadens from performance art to interactive and technology based art. His performances often focus on dynamic relations between the members of the audience.
Denis Romanovski contribution is a performance “The Good News, The Bad News And The Ugly News” during the opening of the exhibition.

Emma Ströde mainly explores the inner world and strives to materialize emotions and moods. Often it is about tenderness and care between wax figures. She uses trees, branches and bark to create rooms and surroundings, small installations where different figures meet.
Emma will show a clutter of branches found in different places around Gothenburg. The branches have been burnt but left a void, a negative form filled with bronze.

Fröydi Laszlo, born 1968 in Oslo, works with themes like exploring the world from the perspectives of animals and plants. Both human, animal and plant-worlds are only totally translatable to each being through its senses and its intra-action (term invented by philosopher Karen Barad). Intra-action is the somewhat shared web of intention and change, as every being and the effects of its life is entangled in a shared materiality.
A part of her practice is rooted in practical encounters with and caring for plants and animals, like the Chlorociboria aeruginascens, the green stain fungus that will be shown at Galleria Huuto.

Ilona Huss Walin has worked with video, installation and performance. She has the last five years entered the track forest and language and where the boundary can be crossed between “nature” and “culture” if there is any such.
At Galleria Huuto she presents the photographs Loose compositions with fallen branches from the forest. Huss Walin also shows the film “The most effective is to not do so much and let the forest develop itself” , a 16 min long film about close to nature forestry. The film is made in cooperation with filmmaker Ambjörn Göransson and forestry engineer Martin Jentzen.

Karl Bergström works in oil painting and installation, with notions of perception and cognition. Bergströms art observes the borders between silence, art and philosophy nudging and breaking them in intentionally absurd ways.
In his work at Galleria Huuto Bergström is showing paintings in installation. Paintings installed in the room lit by a spot light directly in front of the image grants the audience a third position to view the light as a perceiver the painting as the perceived and the audience something else, the third dislodged state of viewing.

The exhibition is supported by Letterstedska föreningen, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation and he Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Benedikte Esperi
Karl Bergström
Emma Ströde
Denis Romanovski
Fröydi Lazlo
ilona huss walin