• Hilasvuori-Kangaskoski-Ronnholm

Liisa Hilasvuori, Leena Kangaskoski, Emma Rönnholm
Raod Game
10.12. 2021 – 02.01.2022

Road Game is a collaboration between three artists. Liisa Hilasvuori, Leena Kangaskoski and Emma Rönnholm each have 10 years of personal artistic activity behind them, but in this new project they open up their practise to interaction and play.

The exhibition consists of several series of ceramic sculptures, placed one per square on the chequered gallery floor. Each series is made by one artist, but the starting point is always a pre-existing piece by one of the other artists. In this manner the gallery floor fills up with criss-crossing lines of sculptures, like in a peculiar game of art-scrabbles.

The underlying theme is change and the pressure of self-improvement present in our culture. You can always reach further in your career, your relationships and in the quest of self-awareness. The ambitions never end, standing still is like sliding backwards. 
In this project we set up a number of rules and restrictions on our artistic expression. The sculptures react to each other every time two series cross on the board. They assume form, idea or style from the other. This way the verbal conversations in the group continue on the playing field, with the intuitive visual and tactile logic of clay. 
And nobody can be quite sure where the wobbly paths will lead.

The show has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Liisa Hilasvuori (b. 1981) makes installations, sometimes including sound and light, and ceramic sculptures. She is also active in the artist group Piirakkakerho (Pie club) that organises collective art happenings. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010.

Leena Kangaskoski (b. 1982) is Master of Fine Arts from Royal College of Art London, 2011. She has made kinetic installations and sculptures, films and performances, where materials and their properties have an important role.

Emma Rönnholm (b.1984) graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Her installations, sculptures and kinetic pieces are based on an inventive use of everyday materials, light and mechanical movement.