• Salla Salin: LOSSLESS 1 ( Surround System)
  • Salla Salin: Lossless1 (Surround System 1)

Salla Salin

LOSSLESS 1 (Surround System)

Uudenmaankatu 4.3.-22.3.2015

Salla Salin
LOSSLESS 1 (Surround System)
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
4.3.– 22.3.2015

“Reality is a sound, you have to tune in to it not just keep yelling.”
Anne Carson

Lossless is a series of works based on sound. They approach sound as an essential element of reality and as artistic material for expression, emphasizing the spatiality of sound. The series is based on the desire to explore the relationship between human perception and the reality surrounding us, which is characteristic of my artistic work.

The term “lossless” used in the digitization of sound refers to lossless data compression. While technology develops and the world around us becomes more and more digital, the question regarding the definition of reality becomes more topical. What is reality? Can it be compressed?

The first part of the series is a sound installation entitled Surround System. It explores the spatiality of sound from the perspective of movement, focusing on surround sound and its technical implementation in relation to perception and physical reality.

The creation of the installation has been supported by the Kone Foundation.


Salin earned her first Master of Arts degree in 2005 from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, (Department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design) and her second in 2014 from Aalto ARTS. Her artistic works include installations, sculptures, performances and various projects combining different art forms.

The use of various mediums is characteristic of Salin’s work because, instead of a specific technique or material, the most important thing to her as an artist is the starting point for her work and presenting it through exploration and experimentation. Thus, the materials are always selected based on the theme, varying from the human body to light, sound and moving images. Salin’s works are often rather large in size. They are spaces and situations in which the viewer’s own physical presence and movement become part of the work.

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