• Miko Hornborg: Delay soul
  • Miko Hornborg: Almost gone
  • Miko Hornborg: Into the Void
  • Miko Hornborg: Seasons greetings

Miko Hornborg

Meanwhile, Elsewhere

Huuto II 1.2.-25.2.2024

Miko Hornborg
Meanwhile, Elsewhere
1–25 February 2024

The collector invites you on a journey to the borderland of collage.

Miko Hornborg’s works are collages in the traditional sense: images cut out of paper and glued together. Hornborg is a collector by nature and has an extensive collection of magazines, books, postcards and album covers, which he now uses as material in his artistic process.

Hornborg’s works are playful and colorful messages from a different reality. They depict landscapes and spaces in the vague borderland between figurative and abstract. One can see imaginative architecture and psychedelic figures in the works. The optically active ornaments linger on the retina.

Hornborg’s creative process is like a game where the end result takes shape through trial and error, forming the final work that is a kind of puzzle without an image as a guide.

Miko Hornborg (b. 1976) is a Helsinki-based painter and artisan and a self-taught visual artist. His mixed media collages depict colorful geometric worlds. Hornborg’s works have been previously exhibited at various venues, such as Södervik Gallery, Glasshouse Helsinki and Dowd Fine Arts Center in New York, USA. His works are included in the Saastamoinen Foundation’s collections.