• Puutarha, 2021. Stillkuva videoteoksesta. Ohjaus: Minna Havukainen. Kuvaaja: Otso Reunanen
  • Puutarha, 2021. Stillkuva videoteoksesta. Ohjaus: Minna Havukainen. Kuvaaja: Otso Reunanen
  • Puutarha, 2021. Stillkuva videoteoksesta. Ohjaus: Minna Havukainen. Kuvaaja: Otso Reunanen

Minna Havukainen


Huuto III 10.3.-2.4.2023

Minna Havukainen
10 March–2 April 2023

A BDSM video piece that shows viewers that we can all learn something from power games and sadomasochism. Director Minna Havukainen’s video piece Garden, which is displayed at Galleria Huuto from March to April, shows the general public a new side of kink and kinkiness.

When Turku-based artist Minna Havukainen started to work on a video piece on kinkiness, one thing was clear: it had to show how joyful and playful BDSM can be. The resulting work, Garden (“Puutarha”), can be viewed at Galleria Huuto from 10 March until 2 April 2023.

“Garden shows a side of BDSM and kinkiness that has previously been missing from Finnish depictions on the subject. It shows how deep BDSM really goes and sheds light on the trust and love involved. It also teaches about the importance of communication and shows that kinky sexuality can also be a sexual identity,” Havukainen says.

In the video, five people who identify as kinky describe what kinkiness means to them. Viewers get to see how they play with one another and witness how nurturing and loving playing with pain and power can be.

“There are many different sides to all of us. On one hand, I am strong and dominant, but I also enjoy being at the mercy of another person. Kinkiness allows me to satisfy these needs in ways that would not be possible in my daily life. It is very empowering to be completely relaxed during a session and just trust that everything will be fine,” says Miia, one of the interviewees.

According to Havukainen, Garden is not only a depiction of BDSM, but it also deals with trust and communication in a broader sense. It challenges viewers to think about how they can openly communicate their needs and desires to others and what kind of boundaries they can set.

The recommended age limit for the video is 18. English subtitles. The video is shown every hour on the hour, and it contains nudity and sadomasochistic activities that may be disturbing for some people. Photographing, filming and recording the work is forbidden.

In her work, artist Minna Havukainen (b. 1969) deals with phenomena that are often avoided. Her works and the extensive events organized in connection with the exhibitions they are displayed at focus on the fundamental questions of life, such as birth, death, illness, and sexuality. Havukainen’s works have earned her a Fotofinlandia nomination, an Aboa Award and a cultural award from Pyhän Henrikin säätiö.

Garden, which was shot in the Turku region, is the first long video piece Havukainen has directed. The piece has previously been exhibited in 2021 in the Turku City Art Museum as a part of the group exhibition Spectrum. It has also been shown at the Helsinki International Film Festival and Vinokino Film Festival. It was also displayed in the Miettinen Collection’s exhibition And I Trust You in Berlin (from 9 September 2022 to 25 February 2023), curated by Anna Miettinen and Linda Peitz (Miettinen Collection & Sammlung Peters-Messer).

The creation of the work has been supported by the Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi and the Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Duration 55 min
Language: Finnish
Texts: English

Directed by Minna Havukainen
Script: Minna Havukainen and Kristiina Karsten
Cinematography: Otso Reunanen
Editing: Kristiina Karsten

Sound design and music: Jyri Pirinen

Production: Minna Havukainen 2021

The artist wishes to thank the following people and companies:

Audiovisual technology: installation and technical design: Pro AV Saarikko Oy
Recycled velvet and furniture: Installation and design: Melodrama Oy / Ismo Salonen and master Saukkonen

Special thanks to Kuusisto Art Manor and Teemu Mäki.

Contact details:
Minna Havukainen
Artist, photographer, director
Tel. +358 40 717 4603
minna.havukainen10 (at) gmail.com