• Jenni Rope: Mobileita ja maalauksia
  • Liina, 2016
  • Mobile, 2016
  • Rivakka
  • Jätti

Jenni Rope

Mobiles and Paintings

Uudenmaankatu 7.9.-25.9.2016

Jenni Rope

Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Jenni Rope’s solo exhibition Mobiles and Paintings will open at Galleria Huuto on Uudenmaankatu on 7 September 2016. A book depicting the movement of Rope’s mobiles will also be launched in connection with the exhibition.

In addition to her paintings, Rope is known for her animations and mobile sculptures. She combines a variety of techniques in her art ranging from acrylic painting to drawing and she is known for the playful imagery of her paintings. With her new works she is moving closer to abstract expression. The versatile artist’s new paintings are largely based on the collaboration between clear brush strokes and color fields balancing with each other. The works are a lot more simple and structural than the pieces Rope has previously produced. They highlight movement which allows the artist to create tension on the surface.

In addition to paintings, Jenni Rope creates mobiles which are like floating sculptures. In this exhibition her mobiles add to the visual nature of the paintings. The pieces floating in a space possess a certain delicacy; they are at the same time light, heavy, dainty and massive.

Jenni Rope lives and works in Helsinki and has studied at the Free Art School and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She has held numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In addition to her artwork, she has created picture books, illustrations and album covers and designed prints for companies such as Marimekko.

The MOBILE book has been supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

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