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Ulla Kudjoi

New Skin

Pikkujätkä 14.2.-1.3.2015

Ulla Kudjoi
New Skin
Galleria Huuto / Jätkäsaari / Pikkujätkä
14.2. – 1.3.2015

New Skin tells about change, as a process, which produces the interface between true and false. It is a special space without perspective. It is things that are uncontrolled but in the same time there’s a need to rule that randomness. It is a moment in innocent space of ignorance.

Change can be internally latent and a slowly progressing process. On the other hand its originating force can be an unexpected turn. Someone may call it a black swan. Change is a kind of passage from one era to another. A mixture of old and new. Change can also be a will to break – to finish and get a fresh start. First of all it’s individual. A black swan is not black for everyone.

My goal is to show single photos as a stream with a video projection. In this way their connections and meanings are forced to change all the time. I’m interested in the overwhelmingly uninhibited image culture. There might be a tragic danger to become dead to the images. On the other hand this can offer new ways to see and do photography. That motivates me to experiment with different media to exhibit visual material. Photography as a tool for expression is very common. I believe photography is a special mirror for mutual experiences.

Surrealistic, free and associative ways to juxtapose images and their subject matter inspires me. I work in cycles. My method is to record and document things, that I see. Then I give them meanings. Sometimes I change the context of things. After that I spend some time with my images. Photos change into notes or material to me and then I realize the ongoing changes between them. Images go through a process. This approach change my documents from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s the moment when image is given the meaning.

Ulla Kudjoi has graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2002. She lives and works in Turku.

tel. +358 505706698