• Tanja Koljonen & Anne Yli-Ikkelä: Päätäntähäntä
  • Kiitos: Laitilan wirvoitusjuomatehdas
  • Tanja Koljonen: Eros & Psykhe
  • Tanja Koljonen: Horses east, horses west
  • Tanja Koljonen: Nuija!
  • Tanja Koljonen: Waiting for the clouds to vanish (yksityiskohta)
  • Anne Yli-Ikkelä: Muurahaiset
  • Anne Yli-Ikkelä: Onni
  • Päätäntähäntä

Anne Yli-Ikkelä, Tanja Koljonen


Jätkä 1 13.2.-28.2.2016

Tanja Koljonen & Anne Yli-Ikkelä
13 – 28 February 2016
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 1

Tanja Koljonen and Anne Yli-Ikkelä’s exhibition Päätäntähäntä is a combination of images and moving objects. The works are fragmented depictions of encounters between opposing forces.

Lightness and weight, stagnation and movement, sense and instinct, they all form a tense relationship between one another but do not exclude each other. Various forces guide us and we act in the midst of hopes, facts and chances. An uncontrollable hammer strikes its blows and a tail wags as a hello. The works act as pauses and punctuation marks between events, as observations from somewhere between opposites.

In her novel Mehiläispaviljonki, Leena Krohn writes the following:

    “To what extent the acts of humans are their own choices and to what extent they are forced, this should be determined on a case by case basis. How would it be possible because we will never know all the aspects that affect the sequence of events and make them happen? Anatole France said that chance is God’s pseudonym that he uses when he does not want to sign. Would God then be an anonymous pseudonym, a coward, a fraud? How can you distinguish chance from fate, divine providence from Satan’s tricks or mind from non-mind? There are only three options: 1) you can’t, 2) life will show you the difference, 3) you can choose.”

The term “sensible” is often used as a synonym for control that will swallow the value of human fragility and unpredictability. Koljonen and Yli-Ikkelä’s work is based on starting points where computational facts are watered down and the relativity of things is emphasized.

Tanja Koljonen (b. 1981) and Anne Yli-Ikkelä (b. 1980) both have a Master of Arts degree in photography from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Their artistic work consists of words, images and objects. Koljonen and Yli-Ikkelä have taken part in exhibitions in both Finland and abroad. They are also members of the artist group called Maanantai Collective.

Tanja Koljonen

Anne Yli-Ikkelä

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Kiitos: Laitilan wirvoitusjuomatehdas