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Paula Puoskari

Paussi Menossa

Viiskulma 16.9.-4.10.2009

While I have been working on this exhibition, my thoughts have repeatedly gone back to these themes:Theory, hormones, and the audience.

The etymology of theory describes the significance of observing to thinking (the Greek word theōríāmeans observing, research, and a coherent knowledge system). The meanings of observing andreobserving fascinate me. The more complex and ambiguous a picture is, the more challenging it isto thought. An artist observes by profession – but does the position of fine arts in the society tellsomething about our ability to think?

Painting themes are always subjective; but is the personal still political? “You’ve been menopausal forthe last thirty years.” But how does it feel when the culmination draws nearer and nearer – and whydoes it still feel like the women should just keep their mouths shut and act nonchalant…

And finally:
”Anyone who has shuffled through a gallery will know the look of bafflement and boredom worn like a mask on the faces of the visitors. They should be getting something out of this, but they’re not.Fortunately there is a café.”
Jeanette Winterson

PS. Painters of the world working indoors wearing ice fishing overalls, unite…

Paula Puoskari is an artist who graduated from the Free Art School in the spring of 2008. She lives inHelsinki and is a former lawyer. The exhibition in Galleria Huuto Viiskulma is her second solo exhibitionin Helsinki.

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