• Sirkku Rosi: Ahmatti / Glutton, 25x20 cm, akvarelli paperille, 2021
  • Sirkku Rosi: Haluaisin pohtia tätä vielä hetken / I would like to ponder this still for a moment, 2021, akvarelli paperille, 110x80cm
  • Sirkku Rosi: Neljännet aplodit II / Fourth applouse II, 30x30 cm, akvarelli paperille, 2021
  • Sirkku Rosi: Yksityiskohta (teoksesta Cultivating lilies and other essentials), akvarelli paperille, 2022

Sirkku Rosi

A fourth round of applause

Huuto II 4.3.-27.3.2022

Sirkku Rosi
A fourth round of applause

The flesh-colored sky is falling over us. It is dusk and dawn, but is it anyone’s victory? Time drains the flesh, all fluids are absorbed by the soil. The skin and the surface of the stone. Friction and decomposition. The twisty intestine exists and one fine or less fine day, it will be twisting in a worm’s body and in the fuzz of a stamen. Even barren stalks can, in a way, generate new life – unexpectedly, slowly, without asking, inevitably. There is always something left.

We are thirsty for more, even though there is almost nothing more to drink. There may be toxic organisms in the water. The world is tired of people. The show has been cancelled, and we want a fourth round of applause. The question of a balance between humans and nature intertwines with questions of power, responsibility, survival, rights and reproduction. We are an integral part of nature but, in our culture, we have craftily separated ourselves from it. Hubris and collapse are at hand. What does a disturbed balance feel like in the flesh? What does the time slipping through the fingers feel like in the skin folds? Can we be hopeful? Could something still grow from this?

The exhibition features watercolors and creates a landscape where a utopia and dystopia are woven together to form an integrated garden. It is simultaneously an Eden and Anti-Eden where one’s cellularity is intertwined with the cell structures of the environment. It is about getting together, being close, a collection of fragmented, sensitive thoughts in the flesh – about what is at hand.

Sirkku Rosi mainly works with watercolors and performance art. She is interested in the absurd poetry of everyday gestures and flesh as a place for thinking. Physicality and skin as a porous, leaking boundary between a human and the surrounding world are at the heart of her works.
Rosi has had several exhibitions in both Finland and abroad and her works are, for example, included in the Tampere Art Museum and Finnish state art collections. Rosi earned a master’s degree from Aalto University in 2015 and is now continuing her studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.

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