• Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi: Somos Sao Paulo
  • Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi: Somos Sao Paulo
  • Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi: Somos Sao Paulo
  • Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi: Somos Sao Paulo

Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi (BR)

Somos São Paulo

Pikkujätkä 3.1.-18.1.2015

Kika Nicolela & Lucas Bambozzi
Somos São Paulo
(We Are Sao Paulo)
Galleria Huuto Pikkujätkä

Brazil/France, 2011, 68”
Language Portuguese with English subtitles

Galleria Huuto opens our new space Pikkujätkä with a Brasilian work.
São Paulo is one of the world’s biggest cities and it has had a history of assimilation and fusion of several ethnicities and cultures. But did this miscegenation process happen free from conflicts and contradictions? Which were the challenges forced upon these people in their integration process? The film visits these questions by interviewing migrants, immigrants and their descendants, who share their stories and experiences. People of several ethnicities that came to São Paulo for many different reasons – leaving behind their families, friends, culture, possessing and everything else they knew – and that are all “Paulistanos” today.
The film is part of the “6 milliard’s d’Autres” project, an initiative of The Good Planet Organization.

Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist, filmmaker and independent curator who was just nominated for the next EXTRACT – YOUNG ART PRIZE, an award granted by the GL Strand (Copenhagen). She is also showing her video installation Domitilas at Solar Da Marquesa De Santos in Sao Paulo. Her works include single-channel videos, installations, performances, experimental documentaries and photography. Graduated in Film and Video by the University of Sao Paulo, Kika Nicolela also completed film courses at UCLA University and did a Master of Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK).

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. His works are constituted by pieces dealing with media in a wide variety of formats, such as installations, single channel videos, short films and interactive projects. His works have been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in more than 40 countries.

Somos São Paulo belongs to Galleria Huuto’s series Video Guests.