• Johanna Sipilä
  • Ulapalla
  • Viimeinen lautta meni
  • Vieras
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Viiskulma 19.3.-31.3.2008

My paintings deal with experience and atmosphere. Through them I want to show and preserve some passed moments. They include references to urban life, the confused existence of the 21st century human being as well as beauty and joy, but also melancholy, loneliness, and nostalgia. I want to paint performing works without having to justify it by means of irony or by taking a critical stand.

My works are painted in oils on sheets of wood. There are no verbal forms for the stories behind the works, and I want to respect their artistic authenticity by explaining as little as possible. Yet I don’t want to keep my starting points secret. My artistic practice is not merely meditative; the themes, design, and realization are considered ones.

Thanks to Arts Council of Finland for supporting the exhibition.

Additional info:
+358 50 5242331/Johanna