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Viiskulma 23.11.-4.12.2005

Anna Hallberg & Jörgen Gassilewski
makt status pengar kunskap

Makt status pengar kunskap (“power status money knowledge”) is an exhibition made by the Swedish writers and artists Jörgen Gassilewski and Anna Hallberg. The version shown at Galleri Huuto in Helsinki is a development of an installation with the same title which Gassilewski and Hallberg exposed at Galleri Enkehuset in Stockholm in December 2004.
Who is the owner of a text like this? In a room like this? Is it literature? Or art? Or something else? When the borders between categories are wiped out even the simplest words and phrases start wavering. What determines our reading?

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Cia Rinne

The Indices [Circumstantial Evidences] installation consists of hundred five transparent plastic bags containing “zaroum” pieces, that is objects and texts, combined or separate. Most of the pieces are composed in English, French, Swedish and German.
In the exhibition, several of these texts have been combined with different found objects. The rusty items make me think of history, of time, and of transitoriness. The found object is useless, and sympathetically has lost its initial function. As such, it is liberated from its obligation of serving a specific purpose and free to be interpreted in new terms.
During travels in Romania, I got acquainted with Roma who told of the deportation to Transnistria 1942-44, and it was partly bearing in mind the rather unknown Roma Holocaust [Samudaripen], but also other victims of the Holocaust and of new racism that I made many of the pieces. The texts for some of the pieces (schwarze milch/ black milk, dein aschenens haar/ your ashen hair, der spielt mit den schlangen/ he plays with the serpents, spielt süsser den tod/ play sweeter death’s music) are excerpts from Paul Celan’s poem “Todesfuge” (Fugue of Death).
Also exhibited are nine melted and deformed vinyl records. The titles are taken from the still readable fragments of text on the records [L. Pigarelli, ”Era una notte che pioveva” (It was a night it rained) or Bach, ”Zwiegespräch” (twosome conversation)].

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