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Margarita Rosselló Ramón


Viiskulma 27.1.-14.2.2010

The exhibition ponders matters that can be approached by taking them either as trivialities or as the end of the world – or as anything between. The works deal with today’s beauty expectations and ideals by means of the appearance crises caused by them. How are the expectations affected by breasts, or losing them, or not having them? How far are people prepared to go for their appearances? What expectations are set by ads?

The works also discuss the modern society’s expectations towards men and women: what should we be like in order not to violate the conventional roles? Should women do all the domestic work? Should all women want to have children? Are all women tittering chicks and all men studs? Does a man need to be masculine? Do men just think of sex all the time? How about women being beautiful and men handsome – why could it not be the other way round? Additionally, the works include the aspect of looking for a partner and being together forever, without ever splitting up – or not without splitting up.

“One in ten women gets breast cancer.”

“A man thinks of sex once a minute.”

“Using exactly the right facial cream makes you get exactly what you want.”

“A marriage is easier to get rid of than a mortgage.”

“Just a slightly fuller bust will make you look so much better.”

”You can never be thin enough.”

Margarita Rosselló Ramón (b.1982, Raahe) is interested in the conventionality borders of femininity and masculinity; the tension between beauty and ugliness; and the border between art and design. She also finds sexual clichés – such as that a woman should stay home with the children – very fascinating. Her works underline these themes and raise questions about whether this cliché, for example, has ever disappeared from our society, or has it, like we so fondly believe, changed. Under her magnifying glass, Rosselló Ramón captures everyday moments.

The main material used by Rosselló Ramón is textile. She often combines it with embroidery and transfers. She uses a lot of second-hand material, such as old clothes, to which she adds something and thus creates new definitions. Her works can be approached in a number of ways. She wants there to be several contexts, and light as well as more profound approaches to them. Despite the serious themes, laughing is permitted in this exhibition!

Margarita Rosselló Ramón is currently working on her Master’s Thesis in the Master of Arts Program in Fine Arts at The University of Art and Design Helsinki. This exhibition at Galleria Huuto is the artistic part of her thesis. She lives and has her workroom in Turku, Finland, where she also works as an art teacher and exhibition coordinator. She has previously graduated from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences and the Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design in Raahe, Finland, and studied textile art in England as an exchange student. She has held solo exhibitions as well as participated in group exhibitions.

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