• Valtteri Kivelä: Näyttämö (punainen seinä, valoa), 110x140cm, Öljyväri kankaalle, 2023
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Valtteri Kivelä

To Get Out of One’s Cape

Huuto III 11.5.-4.6.2023

Valtteri Kivelä
To Get Out of One’s Cape

(Paintings of leaving)

Valtteri Kivelä’s new oil paintings deal with the theme of leaving and dreaming about it in many ways. At the exhibition, everyday life, symbolism and dream worlds get mixed up in the same narrative, in which the landscapes radiate emptiness or invite one to step into an unknown adventure. The strong colors and contrasts between light and shadows highlight the atmos-phere in the otherwise ordinary views, and the lonely capes or cloths left in the empty land-scapes make absence visible.

Escapism refers to escaping reality, an attempt to break the shackles of reality through dreams, drugs or art, for example. It can also be seen as a way of alleviating depression and sadness. The origin of the word helps viewers grasp Kivelä’s works.

The word ‘escapism’ is derived from Latin, i.e. EX and CAPPA.
Ex = out of, from
Cappa = cape, cloak
Originally, the term ‘excappare’ literally meant ‘to get out of one’s cape, leave a pursuer with just one’s cape.’ (Escape, éschapper, escapism)

Valtteri Kivelä (b. 1976) is a Helsinki-based artist who has had several solo and group exhi-bitions in Finland. At the moment, he mainly works with oil painting, but he has also used beeswax and created both animations and music. His works are included in both private and public collections. Kivelä’s works are also currently on display at the Flip! group exhibition at the Vantaa Art Museum.

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