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Paula Lehtonen

Wolfman and Batperson

Jätkä 2 1.8.-16.8.2015

Paula Lehtonen
Wolfman and Batperson
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 2
1 – 16 August 2015

Two separate video works will premiere at the exhibition, following human-animal hybrids, Batperson and Wolfman, at nighttime in the city. The characters in the videos, both referring to popular culture, are antiheroes who fight against everyday challenges in order to survive.
Wolfman differs from the native population due to his appearance and his integration is hindered by the latent hatred of wolves within the society.
The man equipped with the senses of a bat navigates with the help of a bat simulator helmet. The helmet has an ultrasound sensor, similar to a bat’s echolocation system, as well as a microprocessor and a loudspeaker. The individual wearing the helmet hears the soundscape of the surrounding space created by the sonar information. In spite of his limitations, Batperson has found a way to survive in the city.
The protagonists’ way to survive in the city parallels the experiences of those in a weaker position, those struggling with discrimination and sensory limitations. What the videos set up in the gallery have in common are their depiction of the city as a harsh environment, as opposed to nature, as well as the electronic soundscape composed by Rasmus Hedlund.

Paula Lehtonen is a Helsinki-based media artist who is interested in observing the relationships between humans, nature and technology. She has studied fine arts at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and completed her master’s degree at Aalto University’s Media Lab. In addition to media art, Lehtonen works as a video designer in theaters and as a VJ at clubs and gigs.

The creation of the works has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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