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Rose-Mari Torpo


Jätkä 2 25.10-9.11.2014

Rose-Mari Torpo
Yellow sound
25 October – 9 November 2014
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 2

Open hours Tue-Sun 12-5pm.
Also on All Saints Day 1.11.2014 Huuto galleries are open at 12-5 pm.
Open on Gallery Wednesday 5.11.2014 at 12-9 pm.

In my latest paintings I have explored the interaction between sound, body and colour. My aim is to visualise sound. During the painting process, the rhythm I perceive combines with the physical movement leaving a visible mark on the surface. The last series of paintings is the result of a process that started by observing and experimenting with liquid colour, a running colour that mixes and interacts on the surface with the other tonalities creating new hues and surprising shapes. The focus of this series has been on combining the unpredictable movements of liquid colours with physical movements. Each brush stroke and tonality is visible and can be related to a movement.

The colour yellow has always had an emphasised meaning in my paintings. Particularly, in these recent paintings I reflect on the sound of yellow that often creates the basis for my “colour soundscapes”. For me the colour yellow symbolizes light and vitality and without yellow I could not paint.

My interest in synaesthesia and experiencing paintings in a multisensory way led me to explore Wassily Kandinsky’s experimental theatre piece The Yellow Sound from 1909. The piece is composed for colours and according to Kandinsky, each colour corresponds to an inner sound. In the drama, the story is told in six “pictures” without a conventional dialogue or plot, giving colours, sounds and movement the leading roles. My latest works have been inspired by Kandinsky’s texts and the music composed for The Yellow Sound by Alfred Schnittke.

“The Sound of Yellow: it is the sound of lightness, of pulsating energy; it is a sound that lifts but does not embrace. I listen to the sound of yellow and am moved by its luminosity, its tone is to be admired from a distance.” (Jay-Dea Lopez)

Rose-Mari Torpo (b. 1977) lives and works in Helsinki. Since completing her painting studies at the Free Art School in 2003, she has taken part in various collective exhibitions in Spain, Italy and Finland and over the past five years also in Greece. She has had solo exhibitions at the Rauma Art Museum, Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia in Madrid, Mesogios Art Space in Heraklion, Greece and Tila Gallery, Helsinki. Her last exhibition was at Gallery Å in Turku.

Rose-Mari Torpo
+358 44 971 2813